How I Feel About Today: The Soft Launch of "Financial Tales"

Posted by Carlos Sera on Oct 16, 2015 3:17:48 PM

sera-capital-financial-talesToday marks the first day my book, Financial Tales, is available for all to read. 

How does it feel?  It feels as though my fifth child was just born. I have all the same emotions of hope, pride and grand expectations one associates with becoming a father.  You hope they turn out to do good, you are proud of what you’ve accomplished and you expect they will impact the world in a positive light. 

I recently learned there is one great benefit from officially being an author and so, as always, I will tell it as a tale and share with you.    

I Am an Investment Advisor

I was at an alumni mixer with my wife and another couple last week.  As I met new people, they would politely ask about me.  I would reciprocate, the way one would do when making small talk.  At the beginning of the evening when asked about my profession, I would answer that I was an investment advisor.  The immediate body language where men grab at their wallet and women clutch their handbags tighter was in full display, as always.  The subsequent conversation quickly turns to me graciously asking about them to avoid a discussion about a subject many disdain.

After about half an hour of mindless chit chat, I when back to the table and told my buddy about the reactions and he gave me a suggestion.  He said to tell people that I am “an author” for the rest of the evening.  I said I would try it. 

I Am an Author

Wow, there was an entirely different reaction; no more grabbing for the wallet or clutching of the handbag.  It was a miracle.  For the first time in 30 years I had a new identity; one that didn’t solicit the primitive emotional response of, “Run!” I am going to keep this in my bag of tricks from now on. 

My wish today is that you enjoy these tales, take them to heart and share them with those you love.  


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