E Trade Adaptive Portfolio Review - A Millennial Tale

Posted by Carlos Sera on Aug 23, 2016 12:34:35 PM

"How Investment Advisors Hurt Millennials and How Millennials Hurt Themselves"

As the father of four Millennials, I am angry at the blatant disregard Investment Advisors show towards Millennials.  The most egregious disregard is the recent advent of automated investing as a way of catering to the investment wants, not needs, of Millennials.  It is clever marketing but it is bad for the Millennial and bad for this country.  Anytime, you cater to a want and not a need you should probably be selling a luxury good.  But in this case you are selling a necessity.  Saving money for retirement is a necessity and when companies cater to a person’s wants instead of their needs they are only serving themselves. 

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Topics: Stocks and Bonds, millennials