Investors should time the stock market before it times them... or should they?

Some say that we'll never be able to "time the stock market,
" but if you're looking to build wealth, quite frankly, their opinions don't matter. If you're looking to grow your savings, then at this point, "timing the stock market" doesn't matter either. 

so what does?

We call it the trampoline effect; where you'll reach a height where, despite bouncing higher and higher on a metaphorical trampoline, you'll come to a certain point where you just won't go any further. You'll reach your comfort zone, which in investing terms we call the Wealth Inflection Point. 

The Wealth Inflection Point matters, especially if you're looking to grow your retirement fund.

Download our guide to 401(k) and 403(b) investing to learn:

  • When the maximum growth of your portfolio occurs
  • Why you should not use target dated funds as a means of investing for retirement
  • How you can use the Wealth Inflection Point to better save for retirement
  • How the stock market works and how you can smartly invest until reaching your target
  • How you can (and should) "time the market before it times you" when the time is right 

...And so much more.

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